One Page to rule them all, One Page to find them,
One Page to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

- Slightly amusing Tolkien pastiche

This is the third major incarnation of my home page, the first time I've recreated it from scratch since 1996 or so. I really do mean scratch, since I wrote this in pico. Mainly, I'm trying to gather together the pages I've written over the last 10 years (starting around November 1994), or at least the ones worth keeping, in some kind of coherent form.

Much of this reorganizing has become necessary since, amazingly, I have finally finished my doctoral degree in electrical engineering at Arizona State University, and I have consequently lost my old web space. I've had pages on as many as 5 different servers, though I'm now down to just this one, so I've been relocating things to some handy DNS name that I can reassign to my current web space.

I believe this time around, I will start by segregating into two sections, to wit:

The Professional  and  The Personal

And, yes, it is all out of date to one degree or another.

You can email me by my Spambot-proof mail link (won't work if you're paranoid enough to have turned off your JavaScript.)