This is the transcribed will of Jean Buckner, widow of Orange Co., VA, 1789 (Albermarle County Will Book 3, p. 64)

This will was written by Jean Buckner, probably the widow of Phillip Buckner (d. 1762, Louisa, VA), and daughter of Col. William Aylett. See George H.S. King, "Further Notes on Captain George Buckner (1760-1828) and the Caroline County Buckners," The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 64, No. 3 (Jul., 1956), pp. 358-372, and The Buckners of Virginia, p. 41.

I've tried to preserve the line arrangement so anyone who wants can compare this to the original image, though this is a relatively clear and easy-to-read will.

This is probably a good place for a few remarks on her husband's estate, which ended up being a complicated affair that went into administration. Phillip's will had a son Aylett who isn't mentioned in Jane's will, and Jane's lists a daughter Judith who isn't in Phillip's. My theory is that Judith was a posthumous daughter, or at least one who was born after Phillip's last will was written. Under Common Law, omitting a natural child would invalidate the will, so that is probably why it went into administration. Aylett probably died between the two wills. The oddest thing about it is that son William wasn't granted administration until 1772 (ten years after the will was proved), so it might be that it took a while for someone to realize there was a legal problem with it. William's letters of administration explicitly say that they would be revoked if a valid will were to appear, so obviously by 1772 the recorded will from 1762 had been voided.

It's also worth noting that out of the 8 children, Thomas and Anne got particularly small legacies.

Date of will: 23 Nov 1787

Probate: June 1789

People named in the will:

In the Name of God Amen I Jean Buckner of the County of Orange
being of sound mind & memory but weak & Infirm in body do make this my last Will
& testament Whereas previous to my marriage with Christopher Robinson my first
husband a Contract was entered into between us by which Certain Slaves which
I was possessed of whilst sole were Conveyed to Ann Aylett for my use during my
Natural life in Case I should survive the said Christopher & after my decease to the
use of my Heirs of my body lawfully begotten forever & Whereas by a Deed bearing date
the twenty seventh day of June in the year one thousand seven hundred & sixty five
a Bargain was made & Entered into between my self & William Buckner my Eldest son
& Heir at law the said William inconsiquence of my Relinquishing and Conveying
to him my Right to and interest in the Residue of the said Slaves did Relinquish
& Convey to me all his Right & title to a Negroe man Named Daniel one of the
slaves setled to my use as aforesaid & a Negroe woman Named fuller another of the said

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Slaves with her present & future increase to my use during my life with a power to dispose of
the said Slaves either ^by deed executed in my life time or by my last Will & testament provided
the said disposition should be among the brothers & sisters of whole blood to the said William
I do therefore dispose of the said Negroe woman Fuller & her increase in the following manner
Imprimis I give and bequeath to my five children Viz Phillip, Mary Jean
Elizabeth & Judith five of the said slaves which they or a majority of them shall make
Choice of to be Equally divided among them To have and to hold the said slaves
to them & their Heirs forever Item the Rest & Residue of the said Slaves I give & bequeath
to my seven children Viz Thomas, Phillip, Ann, Mary, Jean, Elizabeth & Judith
to them and their Heirs forever to be equally divided among them Item as to the Rest &
residue of my Estate of what Nature it my [sic] be whether real or personal I give & bequeath it
to my four Children Phillip, Mary, Jean, and Elizabeth to them & their heirs forever to be
Equally divided among them & lastly I do hereby ordain Constitute & appoint my son
Phillip and my friends Prettyman Merry and Rise Smith Executors of this my last will
& testament hereby Revoking & annuling all other & former Wills by me at any time
hereafter made & do declare this to be my last Will & testament In Testimony whereof
I have hereunto set my hand this twenty third day of November in the year one thousand
seven hundred & Eighty seven .......
In Presence of....                                         Jean Buckner
Richard Gains
Jonathan Davis
At Albemarle June Court 1789
This last Will and Testament of Jean Buckner was produced into court & proved
by the oaths of Richard Gains & Jonathan Davis witnesses thereto & ordered to be
Recorded & probat of the same was granted Phillip Buckner & Prettyman Merry
two of the Executors Named who gave bond & security according to Law
                                               John Nicholas